When You Caddy (Do You Help or Hurt)


WHAT TYPE OF CADDY ARE YOU? Wow – I have seen some interesting stuff in junior events when parents are on the bag. Sure, there are some great moments, but also some odd/interesting/scary …

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Thanksgiving & Golf (We Love A Turkey in Both)

thanksgiving and golf

Thanksgiving week and I started to think about how are they similar. Golf & Thanksgiving….First, let’s start with the traditional foods we consume (in large quantities) for this holiday. Tournament Spotlight – Donald …

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Dealing with a New Jr. Golf Challenge

junior golf challege

HOW DO YOU HELP WITH SOMETHING YOU CAN’T CONTROL? Junior golf parents deal with many challenges related to their young players. What tournaments should my boys play in? How can we get their …

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Golf Parents Should Compete


IT CAN BE SO HARD TO WATCH…… Is there any junior sport that is harder to watch than golf? Basketball, Soccer, Football all move much faster and you have a team. If you …

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